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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take after I submit my site before it appears in the search engine?

The submission process is usually complete within 1-2 days, then depending on the search engine, a site can be listed anywhere from a couple days to six months.  

Please Note: We are a submission service only. We cannot guarantee your site will be listed. A site should be optimized and relevant (e.g. key words are consistent with the site content) for it to be accepted by the search engine. Another key factor is the number of other sites linking to your site (the more, the more likely your site will be listed).

Final inclusion is at the discretion of the search engine or listings editorial staff, which we cannot control.

How do I upgrade to an annual subscription?

You may click on the 'Renew' link to renew your site for a year at the price of a one-time submission.

Why was my valid credit card declined?

We employ aggressive ant-fraud filters.  There are several security checks that go beyond the normal checks required for our other products including country of origin.

What happened to my last submision report?

Submission reports are kept 'live' for 30 days.

You should receive an email after each submission with a link to your report.

In addition, you may log into your account and view the latest submission report for each URL purchased. There is a link next to each URL entitled 'View Submission Report'.

My site was submitted, why aren't I ranked?

It is at the discretion of the search engines whether to list your site or not. Over time, getting listed and ranked highly has become more and more competitive. We are a submission service, but we do not optimize your site to rank highly. If you find your site is not getting ranked, we recommend using a search engine optimization tool.

Why do you ask for my contact information when I submit a site?

The contact info on your submission report is for some directories and listings that require this information.

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